Cover Reveal – Spellcraft Series Finale

Coming November 21 If Spellcrafters value anything, it’s family. (And a good deal from the clearance rack, and an exceptional hand of poker. But mainly family.) So, when a long-lost relative surfaces, everyone is absolutely thrilled…until the newcomer challenges Dixon for the title of Hand. Yuri is perfectly willing to force the usurper back under … Continue reading Cover Reveal – Spellcraft Series Finale

Holy Comic Book Cover, Eel Man!

In my last day job, I was a graphic designer for several years. So, the recent advances in AI-generated artwork is super interesting to me. Since The ABCs of Spellcraft covers are majorly collaged and manipulated anyway, it was fantastic to be able to create certain elements from scratch instead of buying stock art. This … Continue reading Holy Comic Book Cover, Eel Man!

Comic Sans – The ABCs of Spellcraft 13

If a man’s home is his castle…then his stash is his treasure. When a traveling comic book auctioneer comes to town, Dixon is thrilled to hear his father’s beloved basement stash might contain something valuable after all: a mint condition copy of the rare Eel Man #1. But when they unearth the comic book, Yuri … Continue reading Comic Sans – The ABCs of Spellcraft 13