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subtlebodies-800Subtle Bodies, PsyCop 13

“It’s probably nothing….”

Usually, when Victor Bayne is called upon to investigate a ghostly apparition, the “haunting” can be chalked up to a perfectly mundane cause. When he’s sent to check out some suspicious phenomena in small-town Iowa—and no one seems unduly alarmed—he’s hoping for more of a weekend getaway. Especially since he’s bringing along Jacob as his Stiff.

He ends up finding way more than he bargained for. Women undressing in public—with no memory of doing so. A car rental agent who knows far more than she should. And a shocking discovery they must keep to themselves at all costs.

Instead of merely supporting Vic, Jacob finds himself thrust into the driver’s seat, using a talent that’s clumsy and untested. And when Vic starts acting just as strange as the stripping women, all bets are off.

Can Vic and Jacob get a handle on the situation before FPMP National storms in and shuts them down for good?

In paperback and ebook; audio coming soon

The ABCs of Spellcraft: It’s All Relative (November 2022)


If Spellcrafters value anything, it’s family. (And a good deal from the clearance rack, and an exceptional hand of poker. But mainly family.)

So, when a long-lost relative surfaces, everyone is absolutely thrilled…until the newcomer challenges Dixon for the title of Hand.

Yuri is perfectly willing to force the usurper back under whatever rock he crawled out from, but Dixon insists on proving himself the best man for the job. A magic string chose him as the Hand, after all. And while Spellcraft can be capricious, surely it would never let Dixon down.

Would it?

To make matters worse, Dixon’s attention is divided. Not only is he scrambling through town on a magical scavenger hunt, but a Handless customer with a sob story has him searching for her lost dog. Because, as Yuri points out, there’s always a dog.

From one end of Pinyin Bay to the other, the whole family pitches in to help Dixon keep his rightful place in the final installment of this heartwarming series.

The ABCs of Spellcraft is a series filled with bad jokes and good magic, where MM Romance meets Paranormal Cozy. A perky hero, a brooding love interest, and delightfully twisty-turny stories that never end up quite where you’d expect. The books are best read in order, so be sure to start at the beginning with Quill Me Now.

Coming soon!