Comic Sans – The ABCs of Spellcraft 13

If a man’s home is his castle…then his stash is his treasure.

When a traveling comic book auctioneer comes to town, Dixon is thrilled to hear his father’s beloved basement stash might contain something valuable after all: a mint condition copy of the rare Eel Man #1.

But when they unearth the comic book, Yuri ends up finding a lot more than he bargained for. Now he’s no longer sure if Dixon is really the product of a loving, happy home…or if Spellcraft is the only thing holding his family together.

To make matters worse, the comic book has a major “issue” of its own.

The quest to restore the comic takes Dixon and Yuri from one wonky end of Pinyin Bay to the other. Can they salvage their big find and save a marriage—or is their copy of Eel Man #1 worth nothing more than the paper it’s printed on?

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