Pretend you were shopping at Sticks and Stones

It drives me nuts when I stop at the store and realize I’ve forgotten to bring shopping bags with me. I loathe the thought of more plastic coming into the world just because I’m forgetful. Yes, I do use those flimsy plastic grocery bags for cat poo…but there’s only so much Frank can poo. Thankfully.

I suspect I need to order myself a Sticks and Stones bag so I can stop forgetting. Or maybe so I can put some incense and an astrology book in there and pretend I was just shopping at Crash’s.

Check out the bags

Profits help fund the production of the Skin After Skin audiobook with the incomparable Gomez Pugh!

One thought on “Pretend you were shopping at Sticks and Stones

  1. But then you just forget that one! I have several of them! and everytime I go shopping without one I force myself to buy a new one (our supermarkets sell them, even though they are obviously a lot more expensive than the plastic ones)


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