Spellcraft finale: It’s All Relative

If Spellcrafters value anything, it’s family. (And a good deal from the clearance rack, and an exceptional hand of poker. But mainly family.) So, when a long-lost relative surfaces, everyone is absolutely thrilled…until the newcomer challenges Dixon for the title of Hand. Yuri is perfectly willing to force the usurper back under whatever rock he … Continue reading Spellcraft finale: It’s All Relative

Comic Sans – The ABCs of Spellcraft 13

If a man’s home is his castle…then his stash is his treasure. When a traveling comic book auctioneer comes to town, Dixon is thrilled to hear his father’s beloved basement stash might contain something valuable after all: a mint condition copy of the rare Eel Man #1. But when they unearth the comic book, Yuri … Continue reading Comic Sans – The ABCs of Spellcraft 13

Bitter Pill is a Sweet PsyCop Adventure

In less than a week, Bitter Pill (PsyCop 11) will hit the shelves. But you can preorder the ebook now at several online booksellers. There’s a new drug on the streets called Kick. The side effects are so brutal, most folks only try it once…unless they’re psychic. Then they do it until it kills them. … Continue reading Bitter Pill is a Sweet PsyCop Adventure