Sucky Typey

Hey, I used to have the anti cat typing program on my old old laptop!

Argh. I’m on an increase-my-wordcount kick, which means long writing days. They are awesome, no complaints there. But then I have to do all my admin later in the day (which I usually use as an avoidance tactic) and I’m really fried.

So I just went through all the effort of forwarding my old PO Box to my new one, then had the thought, “Did I put in the right PO Box number when I filed that form?”

Interestingly enough, when I got the emailed confirmation, I could click through and see what I’d put (yes, it was indeed wrong) and I could also fix it. YAY.

Now I’m off to see what other admin I can make four times as difficult as it needs to be.

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