Criss Cross On Sale

A bunch of folks grabbed the first PsyCop, Among the Living, when it was on sale last month…and a bunch more went on to read the whole PsyCop series! But, I know I often pick up a book with the full intention of reading it and then find it moldering behind a bunch of other unread ebooks a few months later.

You’ll be sad if you let PsyCop molder! 😀

If you’re a buy-and-forget person like me, here’s a little incentive to check out the PsyCop series. Criss Cross (PsyCop 2), normally $4.99, is on sale for 99¢. And it contains some deliciously chilling ghost scenes!

Find the discount at Amazon, Smashwords, BN, and many other online retailers for a limited time

No Moldering Allowed!

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