What are the cool kids candying these days?

I saw a sale on candy today which made me realize, wow, I’m probably going to get trick or treaters this year! It’s been a few years since I lived somewhere kids went door to door.

When I was a kid, I was ALL about the chocolate bars. My favorite might be Mounds, Nestle Crunch, or Kit Kat, depending on the mood. Rollos if they’re fresh. And I felt cheated when I got a sucker. I mean, I ate them. But I ate them last, and with lots of resentment.

What about you, what was your favorite candy?

And if you have kids, do you think tastes have changed? It really would be ideal if something other than chocolate was in vogue now, so I don’t end up scarfing the whole bowl and hiding in my basement with the lights off come October 31.

I think Victor Bayne is a nougat guy. He’s not quite sure what it is, but it intrigues him.

Photo credit: Pauls Imaging Photography via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

Speaking of Halloween, I’ve been creating T-shirts in my spare time, after my writing brain is fried for the day. If you’re looking for something less slutty-banana-costume to wear on Halloween, how about my Dia de los Muertos T-shirt?

4 thoughts on “What are the cool kids candying these days?

  1. As far as I know, kids today seem to like the same things I did as a kid. The only changes I’ve made are that I don’t give out anything with peanuts in it (peanut M&Ms, peanut butter cups, etc.) anymore because so many kids seem to have peanut allergies now, and I try to have non-food treats too (like stickers) for kids who can’t have candy for health reasons (like diabetes and such).


  2. Chocolates, being the forbidden fruit in our household are definitely a highly valued commodity (her favourite being Smarties chocolates, which I don’t think exist in the States), but my child will squeal and dance around for maple candies and Werther’s as well. Last year a wise person gave out small multicoloured plastic bats that had suction cups on them which graced our window until Easter.


    1. I had a few mini cans of play-doh that were a big hit. Next year it’s play-doh all the way. I won’t sit there and eat it myself (unless I’m super desperate.)


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