All Hail the Space Bar

So I was futzing around with Adobe Bridge today. It’s the least glamorous of all the Creative Suite, basically a way to view and organize files. But many years ago I realized it had some secret powers I could use to optimize my day job workflow. Back then I had a bunch of scanned documents with weird names and half of them upside down. I figured out a way to rename them all and rotate the upside down half with a few keystrokes. So I knew Bridge probably had many secret powers I was unaware of.

One of my readers gave me a tip that (the freaking awesome learning site) might be available through my local library. (Please feel free to brag if it was you!) At the time, it wasn’t available. Now that I’ve moved to a different system, it is. So I hunted down a course on Bridge on to see how horribly I was misusing it nowadays.

Holy crap. Within the first few videos I learned that I could touch the spacebar while I’m browsing for a full-screen preview.



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