A PsyCop 9 Cutting Room Floor Snippet

Progress Report

I’m pleased to update that I’m working on my first content edit of PsyCop 9: Agent Bayne and I’m still on track for a January release. I haven’t decided yet whether to run a preorder; I know lots of folks like the convenience but I hear so many horror stories about preorders gone glitchy and serving up the wrong file. So we’ll see!

In the meantime, here’s a Vic/Jacob kiss from the cutting room floor. I had to change the tone of the scene and couldn’t use it after all.

Agent Bayne

cutting room floor

I turned in Jacob’s arms, fit myself up against his chest, and angled my head for a real kiss. He smelled like winter and his lips were cool, but they warmed against mine soon enough. He ground himself against me, slid his tongue against mine, and the countertop was a solid weight at my rump. We’d never done it on that particular countertop, I realized—and if that’s where we were headed, I wouldn’t complain. But no, it was just a kiss. And that was fine too. Jacob and I would be seeing a hell of a lot of each other now, and I was only slightly worried about the implication of joining him at the office. After all, what was sharing an office compared to sharing a bed?

He hung up his suit jacket and strapped on an apron while I leaned against the counter and watched him go through the spice rack and pick out the seasonings with no help from a recipe, as confident in the kitchen as he was between the sheets. Jacob could be a bit much for some people, but when the two of us were on the same page, I truly enjoyed spending time together. And now we wouldn’t have my frustration over my pointless police work hanging between us. True, my duties wouldn’t be anywhere near as satisfying—I was no longer a homicide investigator, and would only be serving as a supernatural exterminator for the FPMP building. Once I got rid of the resident repeaters, it might even be a little dull.

Maybe I was ready for dull. It would be a hell of a lot better than racking up more weeping, wailing murder victims with no chance of bringing them justice.

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4 thoughts on “A PsyCop 9 Cutting Room Floor Snippet

  1. Weird… the Psycops logo t-shirts don’t show up when I search your shop on Amazon. I can get to the page only because I had one in my shopping cart…

    I love your merchandise designs. 🙂


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