Night Owl Or Early Bird

So are you a late night person, or an early riser? I often wonder how much of this propensity is nature, and how much nurture. I remember being the first one to pop out of bed early in the morning ever since I was a little kid. Nowadays, it’s a real struggle when I travel to different time zones for conventions and run the risk of starting my day at 3 AM and crapping out by 8.

Today I was pretty tickled to sleep past sunrise and get up around six-thirty. I find that my day tends to lag after I’ve worked for about four hours, maybe five. Right now I’ve eaten lunch and I’m running the risk of losing myself down an Internet hole. Sometimes I go to water aerobics around now as a delightful midday break.

Right now? I am really close to finishing a project, and hoping that scribbling down a quick blog post will help get me back into the writing saddle!

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