Rolling my eyes at myself. I left a crucial sentence out of Quill Me Now – part of the resolution. According to Amazon, I can’t push a new version to anyone’s Kindle unless the ebook formatting is too borked to read. “I added an important couple of sentences” doesn’t qualify.

When I make a change to my stories, I record the version number on the copyright page, which you can access via the ebook’s table of contents. It’s labeled “Book Info.”

Version 1.0 is missing the line, version 1.1 is corrected. If you have version 1.1, you need do nothing.

If you have 1.0 and you’d like 1.1, you’ll have to ask Amazon’s customer service for the new version. If you delete it and redownload it without touching base with customer service first, you’ll just keep getting 1.0. What a pain! Sorry about that! The easiest way to get hold of them is through their chatbot.

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