MM Romance Readers Choice Awards

Vic and Jacob (and Gomez and I) have been nominated for several awards on the Goodreads MM Romance Readers Choice Awards! There are just a few more days to vote, so if you’re a member of the group, I’d love it if you cast your vote for us. You need to be a group member and logged in to vote. (You also need to have a birthdate associated with your profile because it’s an over-18 group.) Ballots close New Year’s Eve.

Hall of Fame All-Time Favorite M/M Author – Jordan Castillo Price

Hall of Fame All-Time Favorite M/M Romance Series – PsyCop

All Time Favorite MM Narrator – Gomez Pugh

All-Time Favorite M/M Romance – Among the Living

Best Established Couples – Vic and Jacob

Best Law Enforcement – Bitter Pill

Best Main Character – Victor Bayne

Best Mystery/Whodunit – Bitter Pill

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