More Reader Reaction for Other Half

“Ahh, what a pleasure to visit with Vic and Jacob again! And a wedding! Of course so many things go wrong, but a lot go right, too, and these guys are so good together!” -Suzan

“it’s always a delight to see that yes, a well established relationship still has room for growth. It’s definitely one of the things that makes this series so compelling even this far along.” -Meredith

Other Half audio is in production. Ebook and paperback available now!

One thought on “More Reader Reaction for Other Half

  1. I love this series. I find it as good as JD Robb’s in death Series 50 books and going strong and a straight couple but the idea of great story telling and a relationship that grows with side characters that you want to take home. I read “Other Half” this weekend and adored it! I managed to skip “bitter Pill” and will have to get it later this month. I hope Victor starts to see himself as the amazing guy he is and not the reck his past wants him to be.


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