Making Traditions

Does your family have any traditions? One tradition my family practiced nearly every Easter was forgetting we’d bought a butter lamb and leaving it in the fridge, then finding it later that night while we put away leftovers. (This sounds like a very Penn Family tradition, except the part where a Handless religious holiday is involved!)
Bucket List gave me the opportunity to create lots of new Scrivener traditions. There’s the ceremony in the opening scene where Dixon and Fonzo get their promotions.

Then the superstitions taken to the nth degree by the Joneses. And finally, the “pitching woo” gifts showing up on Fonzo’s doorstep. Imagining how traditions like this would evolve, and how they’d play out in a modern world—the Spellcraft world—was one of the great joys of writing this series.
I hope you’ll have as much fun delving into the tradition-rich Scrivener culture of this story as I did in writing it!

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