Don’t judge a ___ by its ___?

The old saw goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. (I do this all the time anyway.) But what about judging a TV show by its title?

I did not even pause to see who was starring in the show Schitt’s Creek because I thought the title was juvenile. But a friend was visiting and we were trolling for something to watch and he said, “I’d watch a few minutes of episode 1” and I said, sure, why not?

And now we’re totally hooked on it.

I adore Catherine O’Hara. ADORE. If I’d known she was in it, I might have gotten past the title sooner.

But for me, the big scene stealer is Dan Levy. There’s a scene where the character and his friend are discussing his sexuality that’s just gorgeous in its understated sensitivity. And the show has a pan character without making a whole big thing out of it. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for something to binge.

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