Vic has answers. Not necessarily the right ones…

So I’m looking at my old LiveJournal blog, which I don’t plan on renewing, and thinking about transferring some of my favorite posts here.

I spotted a shot of the paperback cover from Briefs from about 14 months ago. It feels longer to me…maybe I’m aging in Bob Zigler years.

Have you read Briefs yet? With PsyCop #9: Agent Bayne coming out next month, it’s the perfect time to revisit these shorts that span the series. Of the 20 stories, some are pretty rare, and four are totally new, including Coffee O’Clock, about the tender moment Vic and Jacob make their move-in official, and Witness, a post-FPMP novelette.

Find PsyCop Briefs Vol. 1 ebook at your favorite online store

Paperback available on Amazon (Note that every time I look up this link, Amazon shows me underpants. Every. Single. Time.)

I also spotted this gem of a post. It was fun to read the columns again. If you have any new questions for Vic, send them my way. He might be convinced to answer some more.

What do you do when your Netflix won’t stop buffering? Why is your cat making that noise? How do you get rid of mayo stains???

Ask Vic!

Ask Vic #1

Ask Vic #2

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