That’s a Wipe!

From my blog archives circa 2014. I was working on Forget Me Not at the time…I loved the way the toilet paper scene came out! 

Photo by Cats by moonwhiskers on / CC BY-ND

So, I’m working on edits and I see where I had a character show up from a trip to a warehouse club with a massive shrink-wrapped block of toilet paper. (They end up having a big discussion about it in the story so it’s kind of important.) I’m single and I don’t usually buy things in bulk, so I’d randomly called the cube of TP “half a gross.” That’d be 72 rolls, for those of you who don’t think in grosses!

Anyway, turns out I just found a pretty sweet deal on toilet paper the last time I went shopping and grabbed a 16 roll pack. As I was trying to fit 15 rolls of it in my linen closet, I realized that if my character were walking around with half a gross of toilet paper, it would be as big as her.

Here’s where the ridiculous research comes in. I decided to go to Amazon and try looking at really big honkin’ packs of toilet paper to see how gigantic they are. Not that they feature people HOLDING them or anything. Which they probably should if I want a sense of scale. Anyway, I go….

And I get sucked into reading people’s bitchy reviews where they have meltdowns about their toilet paper!

Anyway, so none of you worry about me:
1. I decided 36 rolls were feasible
2. I will stop reading toilet paper reviews now
3. The pack I got the other day was a real bargain!

Back to the present (currently, 2017) again, I’ve also got a Mnevermind Audio update. The Life is Awesome audiobook is coming along great! As always, Seth Clayton takes scenes that could be just straightforward things and imbues them with the sort of spirit and poignance I really cherish in his performance. We’ve had a delay that’ll push the release into February, but I promise, it’ll be worth the wait.

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