Candy is Dandy – Halloween Scare Trail

banner facebook header halloween scare trailIt’s Halloween, time for so many good things. Horror movies. Scary stories. Cool random gothy items in the Dollar store. But it just wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy.

Which got me thinking about which sorts of candy the guys in PsyCop are into…

im-mmsVictor Bayne

Vic likes chocolate, but is also leery of ending up with suspicious brown smears all over his shirt. Luckily, there’s a candy that solves that exact problem: M&Ms! (Melts in your mouth, not on your hands!)

“And no weird flavors, either. Plain chocolate. Or peanut, if that’s all you’ve got.”

M&Ms may not melt on your hands, but they do tend to roll away. Vic has found stray M&Ms in his coat pocket, under his car’s floor mat, and behind a phone book from 2002. He asserts each color has a slightly different taste, if only from the varying amounts of food dye in the shells.

Jacob Marks

hot-tamales-theater-boxes-12ctJacob has the willpower to stay away from chocolate, but he has a hard time passing up anything cinnamon. Big Red gum, cinnamon Altoids, and especially Hot Tamales.

“Cinnamon kisses are memorable. But definitely watch where you put your mouth otherwise. There’s such a thing as too much sensitivity.”


Crash is a fan of anything sour, though he prefers his tartness with alcohol, particularly margaritas, vodka sours, or limoncello collinses.

“But for sheer kitsch value, you’ve gotta love Sour Patch Kids. And there’s no gelatin in them, either…so even the vegans out there can indulge.”

various-gumAnd as for Me…

I’m on a “gums of the world” kick. So far, in addition to my native US gum, I’ve had gum from the Netherlands and England…and thanks to fellow author Chris Owen, I’ve got a nice stash of Canadian gum too. Stimorol was like chewing a cough drop…ew. Thanks, Britain. Good ol’ Trident is still my favorite.

What About You?

I’d love to hear what your favorite candy is! Tell me about it in a comment for a chance to win a prize pack including delightful swag and a JCP ebook or audiobook of your choice, and visit these other fine authors for a chance at more Halloween goodies.

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76 thoughts on “Candy is Dandy – Halloween Scare Trail

  1. Milky Way Midnight (dark chocolate!), for me, which are sadly hard to find.
    Also Mounds or Almond Joy — sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t! 😀


  2. Almond M&Me. I work at a dispatch job so they are easy to munch. Lol also stress relief. I sort colors as I am working and then eat one color at a time.


    1. I love 100 Grand too, in fact, I remember when they were called a Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar (weren’t they, or did I make that up?) Anyway, WOO HOO, you’re the winner of the JCP ebook or audio of your choice – email me at to claim. xoxo


  3. I love all things cinnamon too. All you mentioned and I love red hots and hot tamales, but I love chocolate too. It’s a tie!
    Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve heard much about your books and would love to try one!


  4. Anything chocolate (except white chocolate), and Skittles. But NOT the green apple ones. Bring back the lime skittles! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!


  5. I love pretty much all candy, but can only handle a limited number of sour sweets these days (oh, the joys of getting older). But I’m a gum girl through and through, as my dentist can attest. Gimme anything minty, bubble gummy, cinnamony, or fruity – I love it all!


  6. Chocolate …. chocolate fixes everything ! and on the rare occasion sherbet saucers – but they’re really hard to get where i live. 🙂


  7. i’m with Jacob,on the cinnamon — in fact, there’s a gas station by me that sells little 25 cent packs of lots of things — most notably, Hot Tamales and Red Hots. i get myself a couple dollars worth every time i have a doctor’s appointment, to make up for the torture 🙂


  8. Love white chocolate. If you get a good brand it’s like solid sweet cream or even vanilla ice creamy. Also milk bottles don’t know if this is a thing in the States but milk flavoured chewy sweets. Yummm. Also partial to any other form of chocolate and sour gummy sweets are good. Sour cherries from haribo are a favourite. Ooh and Parmaviolets – don’t know if you get those across the pond but they’re a very old fashioned sweet…

    You don’t get much in the way of cinnamon flavoured sweets in the UK only biscuits and cakes etc but I think cinnamon white chocolate would be pretty tasty.😊

    Ok I’ve talked too much about sweets and chocolate now.


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