Spellcraft Was Serious Business

Have you checked out The ABCs of Spellcraft #3, Something Stinks at the Spa? Here’s a little taste!

Spellcraft was serious business. Dixon had been trained by his loving family. My mentor in St. Petersburg was nowhere near as gentle.

The old hag once showed me how the volshebstvo could go wrong by Crafting me a charm for luck, on which she dumped a glass of water before the ink was fully dry. A few days later, a boxing match I’d bet on won by a long-shot, leaving me with more money than I’d seen in ages. I thought she was trying to demonstrate the persistence of the volshebstvo…until I was beaten senseless on the way home, probably by the bookmaker’s own sons.

So much for luck.

I gave back the Crafting without a word, though with the split lip and bruises, I hadn’t needed to say a thing.

Never again did I allow that bitter old woman to Craft for me.

Perhaps I should have. It had never occurred to me that I would someday deal with Spellcraft gone so bafflingly wrong.

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