Fall Back

Whyyyy? Tonight, Daylight Saving Time ends in the US. The ending of Daylight Saving's in the Fall is always harder for me than its beginning in Spring, because I wake up earlier than I want to in general. Sometimes several hours earlier. Today? I was up before 5:30. Tomorrow, that same time will be 4:30. … Continue reading Fall Back

Halloween and Ghost Stories

October is my favorite holiday month, ’cos I'm all about Halloween! Come hear me read a ghostly Halloween snippet from Everyone's Afraid of Clowns, a Halloween PsyCop tale. Did you know PsyCop Briefs features TWO Halloween shorts? And did you know that while some of the shorts were collected from my past newsletters, nearly a third … Continue reading Halloween and Ghost Stories

Skin After Skin Audiobook is coming!

Hooray, as of today, Gomez and I have sent the Skin After Skin audiobook off to quality control and publication, so it should hit the electronic shelves within the next week or two. I always imagine this mysterious audio publishing process as a series of elaborate pneumatic tubes.